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Regular Household Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance ensures that the house is free from large reparations in the future and also fit for sale when the need arises. Maintenance includes daily cleaning, housekeeping and so much more. These tasks do not have to be done daily but if left alone too long it could cause serious issues later. In order to reduce surprise repairs or worse situations all homeowners must regularly maintain their homes. Here are some tips for homeowners to help maintain their homes and avoid hefty repair costs or even replacement expenses.


The filters in the home heating and cooling system must be regularly checked to ensure that it is not clogged and is working well. The heating and cooling system generally requires a large amount of energy to pass air into the various vents and unclean vents will not only hinder this system but also consume much more energy than usual. It is also best to hire a professional electrician to examine the central unit and make sure that it is running well and does not require repairs. Older vents require monthly changing but the availability of modern technology has extended the lifetime of a Filters making it much easier for homeowners.

Smoke Detectors

Most homes have installed smoke detectors and fire alarm systems but if it isn’t regularly maintained the smoke detector will be useless and will not be in use at the time of need. Therefore as a precaution it is important that homeowners inspect the smoke alarms and ensure that is functioning well.


Gardens are often neglected because of the busy lifestyle unless there are older residents who favour gardening. It must be understood that if a garden or a lawn isn’t regularly maintained it will require an expensive amount to design and beautify it again. Homeowners can consider regular professional garden maintenance Perth so that despite their busy schedule the gardens will be taken of and maintained. An unkempt garden is a bad sight and will tragically reduce the home value during sale.

Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerators are expensive equipment and although it may seem that it doesn’t requires maintenance homeowners must understand that the coil must be maintained in order to prevent a break down. Cleaning the coil will not only allow your refrigerator to be used for a longer period but it also makes it work better and efficiently.


Wooden doors and flooring is expensive to replace. Although floors are mopped regularly it is important that it is also polished. Same goes to the wooden doors in the house.

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Home Tiles

Home Tiles

Like every other necessary item in the house selection of the right tile is also very significant as it makes the whole look of your house. One should have a theme or layout in mind before selecting tiles Gold Coast for their space because it helps you to synchronize each and every shade and tone into correspondence to what you have thought of it to be in real. Someone would want to create a very elegant and monochrome look for their living area and someone would want to give it a flashy gold look. It all represents your taste.

Managing taste and quality go hand in hand; you should go for tiles that are resilient, easy to keep up with and gives an urbane look too. For the living area you can choose a dull tint or an impartial tint.  Marble tiles are often preferred in the lounge or drawing area; it is hard in nature and gives a very firm look. White tiles are extremely difficult to maintain in areas where dust prevails easily. Wooden tiles are very much in trend, it is used in patches or portion to highlight specific areas and by mixing tiles it gives a distinctive and non-traditional look. Wooden tiles may be expensive it does give an imperial appearance. In the West many houses have plain or self pattern white tiles along with white furniture because of low maintenance and neutral look. People in the East prefer tiles with patterns with color combinations that compliment contrasts like gold and maroon, ivory and plum, green, hues of pink with gold. Dotted tiles used to be common in some time period in bathroom and laundry rooms because it used be used roughly but now there are many designs in bathrooms too even. People like to use motif tiles that can be placed in between in a plain pattern of tiles to give a unique representation. Glass tiles are expensive and hard to maintain, it is used in malls and luxury offices or cinemas in a small patch area. Glass tile are heavy depending on its size and require higher safety in transportation. Kitchen slab tiles are usually kept dark in color to not make litter or dust too visible. It should be smooth in nature and not slippery because of usage of glass material in the kitchen.

Mosaic tiles are tending in almost every place from kitchen to restrooms. Light blush pink colored tiles are preferred in dining areas to give a smooth effect combinative with beige furniture and beige wall colors. Halls and lobby area suit plain large tiles rather than small and printed tiles that give a complex and congested look. Porcelain ceramic tiles are the most commonly used tiles as it is highly durable in nature and offers a variety of designs to fulfill your needs and requirements. Check this website to find out more details.

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Ideas From Designers To Lighten Up Your Homes Beautiful

Plain candles, although might not have intricate designs themselves actually serve as great décor items due to the limitless creative ideas that can be implemented with them. They are not expensive and act as a great mood stabilizer when lit up. If there is any empty space, they fill it up and give a new look to the boring looking furniture around. Even though plain soy candles sale have their own touch, especially when placed in groups, they can be decorated in plenty of ways with colors and textures, to give a striking effect on that table or the bookshelf. The following steps are DIY and require little or no effort. All in all, they are great fun to implement too!

  • Place a white candle in a vase. Tie a golden ribbon around the candles with tape. Circle them around in different layers, leaving space between the ribbons. If viable, obtain glitter and stick them on the ribbons to give an imposing yet elegant look.
  • Cinnamon sticks are great compliments to the scent candles produce, and the look. Tying them up in bunches around the candles can be a feast for the eyes as well as the nose. Make sure to tie them up with an elegant looking ribbon and add some glitters on it to enhance their looks further.
  • If you are looking for something less gaudy, try to create a minimalist pattern using gold thumbtacks. Plug them either along the edges of the plain candles or on the surface in a pattern.
  • Spray painting is best known to provide a funky look for anything plain. Place a few white candles in groups and gold spray paints their half bottoms. The chick-look beats anything else!
  • If you want to take designing of the candles to the next level, consider designing and printing images, cutting and pasting them elegantly on the surface. It could be a flower, or a butterfly or even both!
  • If you are not an expert in producing images, the better option is to take patterned tissue papers and glue them around the candles. Three different candles placed beside each other with three different designs wrapped around them to provide a more coordinating look.
  • Give a more outside and rough look to the candles by surrounding them with plain sticks, or even colored ones and typing them up with a rough burlap ribbon. You can give them a more homely look by sprinkling rose petals around them. If you are not great with crafts, you can buy scented candles Australia that has decorations done on them. Either way, they alter the look of the place where they are placed and add to the soothing effect immensely.