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Regular Household Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance ensures that the house is free from large reparations in the future and also fit for sale when the need arises. Maintenance includes daily cleaning, housekeeping and so much more. These tasks do not have to be done daily but if left alone too long it could cause serious issues later. In order to reduce surprise repairs or worse situations all homeowners must regularly maintain their homes. Here are some tips for homeowners to help maintain their homes and avoid hefty repair costs or even replacement expenses.


The filters in the home heating and cooling system must be regularly checked to ensure that it is not clogged and is working well. The heating and cooling system generally requires a large amount of energy to pass air into the various vents and unclean vents will not only hinder this system but also consume much more energy than usual. It is also best to hire a professional electrician to examine the central unit and make sure that it is running well and does not require repairs. Older vents require monthly changing but the availability of modern technology has extended the lifetime of a Filters making it much easier for homeowners.

Smoke Detectors

Most homes have installed smoke detectors and fire alarm systems but if it isn’t regularly maintained the smoke detector will be useless and will not be in use at the time of need. Therefore as a precaution it is important that homeowners inspect the smoke alarms and ensure that is functioning well.


Gardens are often neglected because of the busy lifestyle unless there are older residents who favour gardening. It must be understood that if a garden or a lawn isn’t regularly maintained it will require an expensive amount to design and beautify it again. Homeowners can consider regular professional garden maintenance Perth so that despite their busy schedule the gardens will be taken of and maintained. An unkempt garden is a bad sight and will tragically reduce the home value during sale.

Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerators are expensive equipment and although it may seem that it doesn’t requires maintenance homeowners must understand that the coil must be maintained in order to prevent a break down. Cleaning the coil will not only allow your refrigerator to be used for a longer period but it also makes it work better and efficiently.


Wooden doors and flooring is expensive to replace. Although floors are mopped regularly it is important that it is also polished. Same goes to the wooden doors in the house.