Types Of Windows Available For A House

If you are sitting inside your house or office, take a look around you. You are sure to spot at least more than one window in somewhere. Windows are considered to be one of the most important parts of any building. If you speak with an architect, he/she will let you know on how important the number of windows that are in a house. In fact, there is a mathematical relationship between the number of doors and windows in a house. Therefore, sticking to them is highly important. However, the choice of windows is completely up to you. If you have trouble figuring out which type of windows to use in your house, below are some tips that may assist you.

Double hung

What is a double hung windows? Although the name might mislead you, these are not just two ordinary windows. In fact, this very type is able to slide up and down as it comes in two sashes. It is also known that you can simply open them from both top and bottom, widely. It is considered to be an ideal fit for pantries of a house. The primary reason for this is that it fits in with the interior of a pantry than in any other part of the house.


Next up in the list of windows would be casement windows. In definition, casement windows are basically what you will see in a house, office or any building. This is simply explained as hinged windows. The reason for them to have adopted that name is because they can be operated by a crank or a turn in it. They are opened outwards. The side to which the casement windows are hinged tend to vary according to the side that they open to. These, usually go well with timber sliding doors.


Picture windows can even be wooden windows. Whatever material that you have chosen to build it in, it should enhance the look of your house. The significant part about these windows is that they cannot be opened. In fact, they are stationed to one place. The primary purpose of these are to ensure the entrance of a maximum amount of light into the house, while being able to enjoy the picture outside, just as the title explains.


Another common type of window is the sliding one. These typically slide in a horizontal manner whenever opened. Usually used in contemporary type of houses you will not find slider windows in old houses. Which one have you picked for your house?